The IAM RoadSmart’s handy Checklist: Before you start the engine.


The IAM RoadSmart have released a handy Checklist to follow before setting off in your car.

The most important consideration and something not enough people think about before they jump into their car, is…is it actually fit for the road?

Of course, realistically doing a full check on your car every time you want to use it, isn’t going to happen but you will find that some advanced drivers will have a walk around their car, each time before they get into it.

The reality is though that non-advanced motorists, in particular, are unlikely to do a full POWDERY Check, at the very least you need to ensure you have enough fuel for your journey – important at the moment when prices are so high. You definitely don’t want to get onto the motorway only to realize you’ve got 20 miles worth of fuel in your tank and need to fill up at a motorway service!



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