Do you wish you had more confidence on the road


The IAM have found that up to 38% of UK drivers wish had more confidence on the road

Among a sample of 2000 drivers, insurance firm Cuvva has found that a surprisingly high proportion are intimidated by day to day driving scenarios confidence

Driving in snowy conditions (42%)

Driving in a new town or city (32%)

Multi-lane carriageways (30%) confidence

Driving in the dark (27%)

Driving in wet and rainy conditions (25%) confidence

Almost 1 in 10 drivers reported being nervous turning right at at a roundabout, and 1 in 20 fear three-point turns.

At system driving School, our instructor team have you covered. Even though these points are not part of today’s driving tests, we still think it is important that our pupils know how to carry out 3 point turns, reversing around a corner, driving in the dark and weather permitting, driving in wet and rainy conditions. confidence

The study also found:

29% of drivers try and avoid travelling outside of their local area to stay away from unfamiliar roads

A quarter are reluctant to give other peoples lifts – even if they are going to the same destination – due to their nerves

18% would take a longer route to avoid busy areas

16% would go further than needed to stay away from motorways

12% would plan their journey to avoid having a parallel park, and 7% would plan in order to avoid either dual carriageways or roundabouts. confidence

Read the IAM full report here

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