Everyday’s a payday


Benefits of becoming a driving instructor

You choose your own working hours Want to pick your children up from school everyday? You can, if you become a Driving Instructor you choose the hours you wish to work to suit you and your family. 

Be your own Boss
Meet new people – No two days are the same.
No holiday forms – just take holidays when you want.

Get a new car to teach in every year
The cars across the team are new Toyota’s, Fords KIA’s plus many more
From as little as £90 per week

Be part of a local team and earn up to £50K a year

Be part of a local team and earn up to £50k a year with the support of a 100+ strong team of Driving Instructor trainer’s, Driving Instructors and admin team at Mapline House.

We are here just at the end of the phone, on our closed Facebook forum or just pop into our offices in Rayleigh anytime and someone will always be there to offer support or even just a general chat.

You are not just a number when you join System Driving School – like you may be if you was to join another training provider.

We are local and treat you like you are part of the #teamsystem family, that we have grown over the years.


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