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Motorway driving for learners – Has it really been a year…


On the 4th June 2018 the rules changed when it came to Motorway driving for learners. It was the first time that learners were given the go ahead to take driving lessons on a motorway. That is as long as they are accompanied by an approved driving instructor. We’ve campaigned for this for some time and think it was a smart move, why wouldn’t we teach pupils to drive on the motorway, leaving them to try it out on their own wasn’t a sensible option as far as we were concerned. Many of our pupils now have motorway driving included in their driving lessons as standard.

has it really been a year
London, UK – June 16, 2017: Evening traffic on the busiest British motorway M25

The DVSA have said – It’s a credit to the ADI industry that so many of have taken this major change our your stride and adopted it as business as usual. There haven’t been any reported incidents involving learner drivers on a motorway since the changes were brought in last June 2018. This didn’t come as a surprise to me given the professionalism of the industry and your drive to find ways to improve the standard of driving for learner drivers and help them be better prepared for a lifetime of safe driving.

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