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The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) have announced that from Monday 14th June 2021 they will be increasing the number of driving test conducted across England, Scotland and Wales.

Starting Monday each examiner will conduct 7 tests a day. This is an increase of 5,000 per month. The examiners are now used to carrying out additional Covid-19 safety measures, which now allows them to conduct 7 tests daily with little risk of over running says the DVSA.

The DVSA says they will gradually start adding new appointments to the booking system daily from 9th June.

You can book your driving test here or alternatively you can change your current driving test here

If you still haven’t rebooked your lockdown cancelled test you can only have until 31st August to get this rebooked. Please see your emails from DVSA to get this booked in.

It is important that you are ready to take your test only when both you and your driving instructor are confident that you can pass. This will help avoid a lengthy wait for a retest and help the DVSA get through the backlog of tests.

Here at System Driving School, we will only take our pupils to driving tests once the pupil and instructor are confident with the skill levels needed to drive on the UK roads safely. Something we get asked all the time if we have an instructor to take a pupil to a driving test but we have very strong views on this and we will not just do an hour lesson with someone and take them to a driving test if they haven’t been taught by us.

We have a minimum of 10 hours in the car with one of our driving instructors before they will agree to take you to a driving test. We teach you how to drive not just how to pass your driving test

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