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No not them measures… we are talking alcohol measures. Since the easing of lockdown, it has been reported that during the lockdown people have taken advantage of working from home or doing college work via zoom and having a nice alcoholic beverage or two because they do not have to commute and could now be drink driving and some without even knowing it. Measures

It is safer for you not to drink and drive at all but if you do we suggest that you are aware of how many units you are able to legally drink because no one wants a beer that could cost you your driving license, fines, or even worse. Measures

IAM Roadsmart recommends that you wait an hour per unit of alcohol, plus one hour from when you finish your last drink. For example, if you had 6 units of alcohol you should wait at least 7 hours from when you finished your last drink before you think about starting your car. This could take longer for some people. Measures

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To be sure you aren’t over the limit and chancing getting a fine, points or lose your driving license you can buy breathalysers in many shops or you can order these from Amazon Measures

Key Facts

  • Drink-Driving is a criminal conviction.
  • It’s not possible to know how much alcohol you can drink and still be below the legal limit.
  • Even a very small amount of alcohol impairs drivers’ ability to react to hazards.
  • In 2019/20. 5.9% of drivers reported that they believe they have driven at least once whilst over the legal alcohol limit. This was in the last 12 months. Measures
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