The tyre that won’t let you down


The tyre that won’t let you down


Environmentally Friendly Tyres:

Michelin in partnership with GM have developed a new airless tyre that is made from Rubber and a high strength resin embedded fibreglass. By Mixing these materials with a aluminium wheel they create their airless tyre. They will be designed for use on the average car and small SUV’s. Michelin’s goal is to launch the Uptis – Unique Puncture-proof tyre system in 2024 so this means no punctures, no checking tyre pressure and better fuel consumption.


Say Goodbye to tyre pressure checking.

The company are also hoping that by using a 3D printer to make new tread, this will make the tyres last significant longer than the average tyre. 
Along with the tyres being roadworthy for longer there will also be less energy used in the making of the tyres and Michelin estimate that it will save 200 million tyre replacements every year from the landfills.
Environmentally Friendly Tyres anyone? 


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