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Lock-Down finishing soon
With Lock-Down measures finishing, we can recommence driving lessons
Restarting lessons
There’s a 10-day delay between the restart of lessons and tests to give you the opportunity to see your pupils and assess if they ready for their test. If they are not prepared, they can rearrange their test for another date for free on the change your driving test service on GOV.​UK.
Hands, face, space, fresh air
While it’s not the law in England and Wales, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of you and your pupil wearing face coverings during lessons, unless you have a good reason not to.

This applies even if you’ve had the first dose or both doses of COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19 disease. You may still get COVID-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe.

The NHS does not yet know how much it will reduce the risk of you passing on the virus. You’re also more likely to be teaching pupils in the age groups where the data shows infection rates are some of the highest.
So remember, to protect yourself and your family, friends, pupils and driving examiners, you must still:
* wear a face covering
* wash your hands carefully and frequently
* open windows to let fresh air in
It is vital we all do everything we can to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
Restarting tests
Our plan is to restart at 6 tests per examiner per day in England, Wales and Scotland and our examiners will continue to direct candidates back to the test centre at the point they fail their test to reduce the amount of time spent in the vehicle.

We have shared our guidance for driving examiners with Public Health England, Scottish and Welsh Government and they are still happy with the control measures we have implemented. Hands, face, space, fresh air
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