Santa’s driving on thin ice…


Driving lessons in Lapland are very different from the ones here in the UK. Okay, they are not taught by Santa but the snow and ice around sure makes it feel that way.

Hakan Stenlud reported about his white knuckle ride in Lapland with Eric Gallardo a very skilled engineer.

Eric came to Arjeplog thirty years ago, working his first season as a test driver above the Arctic Circle here in 1989. These days he runs Lapland Ice Driving, an event company with some of the coolest cars in the Arctic World

Find out more about his white Knuckle ride HERE  

Being rated Number one driving school in the UK,
is a credit to our instructor team, plus their support trainers and admin staff back at our headquarters in Rayleigh, Essex and not forgetting our pupils, who have been so kind to have given us this status.

We’re committed to the highest standards:
Our mission is to teach pupils a life skill, “learn to drive” NOT just a quick weeks crash course and then out on the motorway at 70 mph, 4-5 lane’s wide. And that is why our 68 strong team of instructors are dedicated to making our roads a safer place, not just for the new generation of driver but for all drivers of any age.

Our commitment to being Covid19 secure:
Our instructors are proud of their ‘offices on wheels’ – they keep them in tip-top condition, wear face coverings, anti-bac all the contact-areas within the car so before and after each lesson, so, when our students get in they know that the surfaces are just like those you find in a new car – every time. And, anyone that needs a bit more reassurance can always ask to use the in-car hand sanitiser gels provided – so rest assured, we’ve got you covered!
We are of course following the Government’s recommendations and precautions, but we’ve added quite a few of our own too!
If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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