Summer driving conditions – this is England


As our wonderful English summer gives us rain, storms and some sunshine it is always handy to know how to deal with any weather situation as we all know by now our summer has been far from a dry one.

Window wipers:

Always check that your window screen wiper blades are working and clear your screen properly because when that down pour comes you are going to need and want good wipers. conditions

Flooded road:

You may come across flooded roads on your travel and it is best to go slow, if you are in doubt don’t enter it. Once you are through its always best to check your breaks you can do this by giving your brakes a light touch whilst still moving.

Slip and slide:

We all love a slip and slide in the summer but not when we are in our cars. When our roads are wet they can become very slippery its always best to go slow and steady in wet conditions.

Allow plenty of time:

Driving in bad weather can be challenging and there may be delays on the roads as drivers slow down to allow for increased stopping distances so you may need to give yourself more time for your journey safely. conditions

Check local weather:

Be sure to check your local weather before you set off on your travels so you are ready for what you may have to face on your journey. Avoid traveling in bad weather wherever possible. conditions

Tired tyres:

If you find your tires losing traction, don’t panic, ease off the accelerator, avoid hitting the breaks, and allow your car to naturally slow down until you have full control over the vehicle again. conditions

Read the IAM full report here

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