How to drive your insurance down.


We thought we’d let you into a tip for when you get your first car.
You may be surprised by the cost of your new car insurance policy, often running into £1,000’s! So, we’ve done a bit of digging around and found some money-saving tips and advice from our friends over at MoneyExpert.

Will adding a named driver make my insurance cheaper?

Insurance premiums are calculated based on the risk of you, the driver, being involved in any kind of claim-worthy incident. As young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a road accident and make a claim on their car insurance than older drivers, they often have to pay much higher premiums.

But adding an experienced driver as a named driver can result in lower premiums for the younger driver. This is because adding a named driver means you are reducing the amount of time you spend behind the wheel, and you are therefore reducing the amount of time during which an accident could occur.

As a general rule then, adding a named driver will reduce the cost of your premiums if you’re young. If you’re an older and more experienced driver, however, adding an inexperienced driver such as your child as a named driver will likely increase your premiums.

Who will benefit from named driver insurance?

As mentioned before, students and young people are faced with often prohibitively high car insurance premiums due to the fact that they’re statistically more likely to make a claim. Therefore, many young drivers opt to be insured on their parents’ car as a named driver to benefit from cheaper car insurance. However, this will likely result in higher premiums for the main driver (their parents).

If you’re a young driver and you want to be the main driver of your car but still find cheap car insurance, then you should consider a telematics or black box insurance policy.

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