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Being prepared whilst driving is one of the best driving skills you can use, but being prepared in case of breakdown or being stuck in adverse weather can be a lifesaver. Here are a few essential items that you can keep in your car, that could save the day.

Face Masks:

Even though restrictions have been removed, some places still insist you wearing them. Best to be ready, just in case. And also hand sanitizer and wipes. Keep your hands clean after touching petrol pumps etc…

Phone and Charger: items

Obviously, your phone should be switched off and hidden away from temptation of use. And a charger just in case the power gets low.

Food and drink:

Don’t forget to bring some snacks and water to keep your energy levels up – always carry a bottle of water when driving.

First Aid Kit:

An essential item to keep in the boot, even if you’re not first aid trained, you may be at the scene of an accident when a first aider could use the kit.

Fire Extinguisher: items

ABC dry powder extinguishers is recommended as the best car fire extinguishers. All extinguishers should be securely fixed inside the car with a bracket so that it do get damaged during travel.

Fuel can:

Carry an empty fuel can (never full of flammable fuel) just in case you run out of fuel and need to pick up some fuel.

Jump Leads: items

Make sure you keep a set of jump leads in your car so you can start your engine with help from another vehicle.

Spare clothes and Blanket and Hi-Vis:

We recommend keeping a blanket and some warm clothes in your car. The last thing you want is to be cold whilst broken down on the side of the road.

Ensure you wear a high visibility jacket whilst moving outside of your vehicle so that other road users can see you.

Warning Triangle: items

An item that is regularly overlooked is the reflective warning triangle. In accordance with the Highway Code rule 274, you should put a warning triangle on the road at least 45 metres (147 feet) behind your broken-down vehicle on the same side of the road, or use other permitted warning devices if you have them. items

Information from IAM:

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