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We and many other Driving schools across England have a backlog of pupils looking for driving lessons and eventually driving tests, most driving test centres are accepting driving bookings for anything between 4-6 months in advance, so we say… book now get your theory test out of the way now!

Whilst you are waiting to starting your driving lessons and getting on the road as soon as possible. We suggest as soon as you receive your provisional driving license, book a theory test and get practicing because you may find that when you can book driving lessons you will be asked to book your practical driving test sooner rather than later because of backlog of tests.

We recommend using Theory Test Pro if you are struggling to study and would like a different approach to learning then take a look through the well-known EX Top Gear presenter James May’s ‘My Theory Test’ website/app because he was changed it up to be an interesting and new way to study for your Theory Test. More information on James May’s ‘My Theory test can be found HERE

“With the help of some rather clever developers I’ve created the ultimate tool to help you. The nation’s future drivers, pass your driving theory test. Using a bit of algorithmic wizardry and infused with my 40+ years of driving experience, my app generates a bespoke training plan for you. Ensuring you learn all of the material in time for your test. All you need is a smartphone and a few spare minutes a day; you’ll hardly know you’re doing it!”

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System Driving School were awarded the UK Regional Highly Commended Driving School Award at the Driving Instructor Awards in late 2019. We are also Trustpilot Number One rated Driving School. Changes

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