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Ok, this isn’t the most ‘gripping’ of our news items, but it’s an interesting one. We’re talking about tyres! Did you know that the little numbers on the rim of the rubber show you exactly how old the tyre is! And if you think this isn’t of interest, well think again! Old tyres are more at risk being weaker and a blow-out at any speed can be a frightening experience, at higher speeds it can be very serious. And, not looking after your tyres can be just as dangerous, so get to know what you are looking for…

So, here’s what to do to find out the age of the bit of rubber that connects your car to the road and importantly (while your searching for the numbers, give your tyres a quick condition check!).

Closely inspect the rim of your tyres and note when the tyre was made, in the image above you’ll see that the 26 refers to the week that the tyre was made, the 18 is the year.

Tyre specialist, KwikFit, recommend that tyres over the age of six years should be checked by a professional.

If in any doubt, don’t take a risk, seek professional advice.

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