We can’t get you to the moon, but we can get you on the road.


Here at System Driving School, each of our instructors clocks up around 25 thousand miles on the road each year.

That’s a lot of driving lessons, but what if we taught pupils to go beyond the road? What if we were to drive to the moon? Well, there are 238,900 miles between Earth and the Moon, that means it would take just under six (5.56) months to get to there if travelling straight up at 60 miles per hour! Now, that’s a trip and a half!

That’s a lot to ask even of our highly trained instructors, in their clean, safe, new cars. But fear not, when it comes to learning to drive you’ll find us in great company.

Did you know that System Driving School instructors are SO loved by our pupils that we’ve got the best-rated driving school on TrustPilot – take a look and see what people say about us!

Ok, it’s just a bit of fun-fact-finding, we can’t really get you to the moon – or back for that matter! For one thing, there is very little air up there, weightlessness may cause a problem with steering and we are pretty certain there are no petrol stations for filling up or loo breaks either!

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