System Driving School turns 50!


System Driving School turns 50 this year. Hear how driving has changed over the 50 years.

Driving forward from 19

We spoke to Sidney De’cort and here are some of the shocking price differences between driving now and then.

In 1971 System Driving School was born to our very own Sidney De’court who started teaching the roadcraft ‘System’ of control, this is where we got our name from.

The roadcraft ‘system’ of car control is the police drivers handbook which was written to improve policing for the benefit of the public. We at System Driving School today still only offer the best possible standard of teaching. 

1. System started off just a 1 man office based at Upminster station now we have a 3000 square foot office in the heart of Rayleigh, Essex.

2. In the mid 70’s we had 13 driving instructors working with system and now we have a whopping 90 instructors and we are ever growing.

3.The price of our first car the Mini Cooper was £600 but to buy a new Mini Cooper today would set you back around £24,800

4.The cost of a driving test in 2021 is £62 and in 1971 it was 10 bob which is 50p.

5. In the 1971 there was only 10 motorways and not all were fully open they were still to be constructed into the motorways we see today. In 2021 there are 50 motorways linking our country together. 

6. The cost of a driving licence in 1971 was 15 Shillings that is the equivalent to 75p compared to price now is £34 if you buy online or £43 if you do via the post 

7. The cost of driving lesson in 1971 were just £1.99 per hour. The average driving lesson price per hour is £28-£30

8. Car road tax was £25 a year and now its £150 

9. In 1971 there was only 7.5 Million cars on the road compared to the whopping 33 Million cars today.

10. The Dartford crossing was just a single tunnel in 1971 and it cost 12.5p to use it. Now it is 2 tunnel’s and a bridge and cost £2.50p to pass through or over. 

11. To fill up your car with petrol now would cost you around 118.5p Per Litre in 1971 a litre of petrol was 7.15p 

2021 and beyond

System Driving School are moving and thinking forward and are changing more and more of our tuition cars to the much greener full electric cars and many others are hybrids.

We have digitalised online space for our pupils and Instructors to keep up to date with lesson reports and payments plus an online dairy. In car cameras that connect to iPads to help with training. And in car apps to assist with driver training.
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System Driving School were awarded the UK Regional Highly Commended Driving School Award at the Driving Instructor Awards in late 2019 and are also Trustpilot Number One rated Driving School.
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